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Designing Event Websites

All events, no matter the industry, need a professionally designed website. An event’s website design can have a significant impact to the success of your event, especially when you’re looking to build a solid following of fans to convert into ticket sales year after year. That is where lucky designers like myself come in to […]

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Answer The Question Blog Graphic | Square 205 | Denton, TX

SEO: Answer The (Right) Question

Search engines answer questions. What is that question? It could be anything. Why is my dog ignoring me? Where is the closest pizza place? Or OH MY GOSH I FOUND SOMETHING ON MY ARM, IS THIS BENIGN? Whatever the question, Google’s goal is to connect people with the right answer. It can be difficult to […]

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Motion Blog Post Graphic - Square 205 - Denton TX

(Loco)Motion Graphics To Keep Your Brand Moving Forward

What do you want out of your ad campaigns? Maybe you want to engage your audience with a single photo. Maybe you would like to have a full video done, but don’t have the budget. There is a way to captivate your audience in a meaningful way without breaking the bank on a video. Motion […]

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Why We Switched To Teamwork

With how far technology has come over the years, businesses are expected to handle more workload with less staff. The result is usually a chaotic mess of tasks assigned to employees and a lack of organization resulting in missed deadlines, confusion, and headaches. In the digital age, there are online solutions to help you keep […]

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The Pets of Square 205

Square 205 is a digital creative agency full of awesome people, but our pets are even cooler. If you’ve ever stopped by our office, you have likely been greeted by one (or more) of our furry friends. As a gift from our family to yours this holiday season, here are some adorable pictures and profiles […]

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Square 205 Featured in Top Dallas Agency List

Square 205 Featured on a Top Agency List!

Agency List Announcement We are happy to announce that we are now featured on a top agency list of creatives found in Dallas-Ft. Worth! Agency List is a helpful resource to find top marketing, design, and advertising agencies organized into carefully curated lists. Square 205 made the cut for our services in creative web design, […]

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Why Great Copywriting is Essential for Your Brand

How do you convince someone to take action? Specifically, how do you ensure the action they take is the action you are pushing for? Design, photography, and video are crucial components for your marketing strategy, but they lack purpose without strong copy guiding the reader through a website, brochure, or sign. Copywriting is an essential […]

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An Introduction to Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality. Is it just another fad? Why would someone want to wear a bulky, unattractive headset while falling over their living room furniture? Great Question. Well, it’s simply hard to grasp the “game changing” experience VR can deliver unless you have personally tightened that headset around your head and fully immersed yourself into a […]

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Crazy Amazing Typography

Before coming to UNT, I had heard that graphic design was very typography heavy. That sounded so boring to me. For a while, I lost interest in becoming a graphic designer. But after getting into my very first Communication Design class, I began to realize there was more to typography than simply laying out paragraphs […]

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Listen Up! All About Podcast Movement & Our Favorite Podcasts

If you haven’t utilized podcasts as an education tool, it is time to start! Podcasts are a growing source for stories, news segments, and entertainment available in streamable audio formats from a variety of featured apps on iTunes and Google Play. Our favorite sources around the office for discovering new podcast content are, Soundcloud, […]

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