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Designing Event Websites

All events, no matter the industry, need a professionally designed website. An event’s website design can have a significant impact to the success of your event, especially when you’re looking to build a solid following of fans to convert into ticket sales year after year. That is where lucky designers like myself come in to […]

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Leaning Towards Lean

We wanted to share with you Lean Methodology ideas our developer Adam Love has been helping us at Square 205 implement in various ways across our application development processes. These are a collection of experiences and experiments to highlight the insights he has gained from Lean. In my experience creating apps, there have been features […]

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Top 10 Must Dos For A Successful ECommerce User Experience

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us will head to our favorite online shopping websites to buy some if not all our gifts. We may even be tempted to click an ad for a new up and coming eCommerce site advertising a crazy good deal. The question though is, will a good deal keep […]

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How Good Content Management System Development Puts You in Charge

An increasingly digital marketplace has left individuals and businesses looking for ways to keep up. If you don’t have experience with coding, the thought of building a website is daunting. Furthermore, keeping it up to date integrated with a content marketing campaign is darn near impossible. Having a custom website to fit your needs doesn’t […]

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DIY Websites vs. Professional Web Design – Which Is Better?

Today’s businesses market themselves through the internet.  The goal is to make a unique, stand-out website that draws people to their products and/or services.  One can use either a Do-It-Yourself web design company like Wix or 1&1, or a custom design company such as Square 205 or NoFavorite. Think of DIY web design like a […]

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Browser Compatibility – Not All Are Created Equal

There are a lot of internet browsers out there right now—Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Jim Jam, Opera, Bob’s Socks, Crinkle Cut Fries, Dolphin. And all of these browsers, like the people who made them, see things in a slightly different way. The appearance of your website can be affected by which browser […]

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